What is a network isolator?

Using a network isolator ensures galvanic isolation of a copper-based Ethernet data wire and thus prevents transmission of leakage and unwanted stray currents between parts of an electrical system. Based on electromagnetic induction ehternet data signal is transmitted while high currents and voltages are blocked to protect patients, users and devices. Due to passive, electronic components our Baaske MI 1005 ethernet isolators do not require any extra power source to perform. They behave completely transparent in any data network. Network insulators in IT

Use of network isolators in information technology

In order to operate IT devices safely in critical environments, it is, next to using isolation transformers, required by IEC 60601-1 standard to physically isolate the network connections - by using a network isolator. If this is not done, the sum of leakage and stray currents - caused by additional devices connected to the data network - can quickly exceed allowed and safe limits. The consequences are hum loops that interfere with telephone and network connections - and in certain cases they can even destroy them. In particularly unfavourable constellations, humans and animals can even be endangered by electric shocks or fires can occur. The right use is important

The correct use of the network isolator is important

Network isolators are being used in a wide variety of areas. In order to comply with the legal electrical safety limits of the respective area, it is therefore important to investigate the local situation. Baaske Medical network isolator MED MI 1005 meets the high requirements of medical electrical devices according to latest UL and TUEV standards and can therefore be integrated into almost any network.


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