What is a network isolator?

The use of a network isolator enables the galvanic isolation of a copper-guided Ethernet data line and thus prevents the transmission of unwanted voltages and currents between the parts of an electrical system. Electromagnetic induction is used to transmit high-frequency alternating voltages in the frequency band used for data transmission with as little loss as possible. The passive, electronic components do not require their own power source due to this process and behave completely transparently in the data network. Network insulators in IT

Use of network isolators in information technology

In order to operate IT devices safely within security areas, it is necessary, in addition to using isolating transformers, to galvanically isolate the network connections - using a network isolator - from the rest of the network. If this is not done, the sum of the leakage currents - of the devices connected in the IT network - can quickly exceed the legal limits. The consequences are hum loops that interfere with the telephone, network connections and monitor reception - and in individual cases can even destroy them. In particularly unfavourable constellations, people and animals can even be endangered by electric shocks or fires can occur. The right use is important

The right use of the network isolator is important

Network insulators are used in a wide variety of areas. In order to comply with the legal limits of the respective area, it is therefore important to inform yourself correctly in advance. The Baaske Medical network isolator MED MI 1005 even meets the high requirements of medical electrical devices and can therefore be integrated into almost any network.

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