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Dear Customers,

Nobody´s perfect and errors can happen occasionally, even the best quality managment system will not make sure, that defective goods arrive sometimes or that shipments will be damaged during transportation. For this reason Baaske Medical provides a safe and transparent RMA system to enhance your overall satisfaction in case of defective goods. This system will make sure that any issue is trackable and any information about the current status of your returns can be provided anytime.

For notification, returns and handling of defective goods so called RMA numbers are required. We would please like to ask you to provide information about the product being returned in advanced by using our RMA form. Please fill this form completely and send it to us in advance, before we ask you to return the goods. There will might be some questions from our side during this process, which help us to provide you with the best and fastest service. If you are unable to download and fill the RMA form, please give us a call at and we will provide the RMA form either via fax or snail mail. We can also help you to fill the form if you are unsure which information where to obtain and how to provide. Our service team will be happy to answer any question and help you through this process.

After we received your filled RMA form, we will provide an RMA return sheet that contains all relevant information as well as the return address and the RMA number. Please make sure that this return sheet is visible placed at the outside of your shipping box.

We appreciate your understanding that we will charge 50 EUR for any return that does not ship with a valid RMA return sheet, because these returns cause additional work and expenses for our RMA division.

Many thanks,

Your Baaske Medical Service Team



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We are available to you for your status inquiries about RMA processes in various ways.

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(Monday to Thursday, 8 am to 4:45 pm and Friday from 8 am to 3 pm)

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Defective product
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