Company Profile

Baaske Medical Inc. cares about electrical safety in the patient's environment. Standard computers and displays may not fulfill the electrical requirements for medical use. This is why Baaske Medical Inc. designs and manufactures computers, displays and other electrical equipment, meeting the requirements of medical standards like IEC 60601-1 or IEC 60601-1-2. In order to protect the patient and the operator (MOPP / MOOP). We are constantly improving our technology, updating our regulatory expertises and upgrading our support processes to meet the dynamic needs of our customers. We maintain the latest medical standard certifications, to make sure that our products and their certifications meet our customer's needs. We also offer a powerful technology that reduces maintenance costs, increases operational performance, and improves patient safety.

Whether you’re looking to lower operating costs, provide better patient care, or assure stricter compliance, Baaske Medical’s versatile and powerful technology, recognized industry experts and regulatory compliance provides you with a sustainable IT solution. Whatever scale of your hospital modernization or new facility construction, our business is compliant medical electrical systems and our passion is to serve the healthcare industry. We invite you to contact us - it would be a pleasure to assist you with our products, our knowledge, and our solutions.