What is a medical network disconnector?

A network isolator in the medical field serves to protect the patient from leakage currents. The network connection between an active medical device and an Ethernet network or a non-medical device, such as an office PC or laptop, is safely galvanically isolated in accordance with the IEC EN 60601-1 standard (3rd edition) for medical electrical devices and systems. This means that a network isolator interrupts all electrically conductive connections between the connected network periphery and the connected device.
EN 60601-1 specifies that network isolators must have protective measures for patient protection (Means Of Patient Protection = MOPP) within the patient environment or as an accessory or component of a medical-electrical device or system. 1.5 KV (AC) for one MOPP and 4 KV (AC) for two MOPP are required. In the case of only one MOPP, a second protective measure must be taken for the affected device, e.g. a fixed potential equalization. The Baaske MI1005 network isolators are ideally suited for the standard-compliant galvanic isolation of Ethernet-based signal interfaces (SIP/SOPs) in the medical sector and have two independent protective measures (2 MOPP) for the patient in accordance with the requirements of IEC 60601-1.

Classification of medical network isulators

EN 60601-1 defines different classes of insulation, clearance and creepage distances, leakage current and grounding depending on the desired MOOP or MOPP level.

MOOP = Means of Operator Protection, protective measures for operator and user protection
MOPP5 = Means of Patient Protection, protective measures for patient protection, to reduce the risk of electric shock.


Classification Electric strength Leakage distance Elektrical isolation
1 MOOP 1500 VAC 2,5 mm Basic
2 MOOP 3000 VAC 5 mm Double
1 MOPP 1500 VAC 4 mm Basic
2 MOPP 4000 VAC 8 mm Double


Due to the increased risks for patients in contact with electrical or electronic devices and systems, higher requirements apply to MOPP (protection of patients) than to MOOP (protection of users). Higher current levels can have fatal effects on the health of patients, who are usually weakened, unable to move, unconscious or anaesthetised. In fever patients, the resistance of the human body also changes.



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