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5.8 MP high-bright grayscale display Are you a radiologist specializing in reading breast... more
Product information "Mammography Display Barco Nio Gray 5.8MP"

5.8 MP high-bright grayscale display

Are you a radiologist specializing in reading breast cases in mainly grayscale modalities, such as 2D mammography and 3D tomosynthesis? If the answer is yes, then the Nio Gray 5.8MP is cut out just for you. It’s fully up to date with capabilities and innovations for today’s breast imaging, making this a modern display system that is efficient and easy for you to use. Furthermore, it’s also perfectly suited for reading grayscale general radiology images in a comfortably high resolution.

Bigger image, more details

Why 5.8MP? Well, in contrast to conventional 5.2MP display systems, you get 12% more pixels on your screen, which means that you can see more details at any given moment. Combine this with the tall 4:3 aspect ratio, which offers more room to view images in their entirety, and you get an ideal combo to start cutting back on additional panning and zooming.

Reliable reading

The Nio Gray 5.8MP offers you increased medical contrast and more Just Noticeable Differences, thanks to its high brightness and contrast ratio. Our integrated stability, calibration and uniformity technologies make sure that image quality, light output and DICOM compliance remain consistent over the years.

Efficient workflow

The Nio Gray 5.8MP is more than a grayscale monitor alone. It offers many ways to personalize settings to your liking, such as preferred tints of white or viewing angle. On top of that, it can help you improve your efficiency and speed, thanks to the clinical set of Intuitive Workflow Tools included with our MXRT medical display controllers. Did you know that SpotView, for example, makes it possible to make an area you choose twice as bright as it was originally? It’s been proven to help radiologists increase their reading accuracy by 6% and reduce reading time by as much as 16%. You can also define user profiles, saving you and your colleagues time. These automatically adjust the display in situations where it is shared by multiple people.

Long lifetime, clear view

The Nio Gray 5.8MP adheres to the latest medical standards for medical devices in Europe & MQSA in the United States. It’s also easy to install our free and highly secured QAWeb Enterprise application, with which you can rely onintervention-free, remote quality assurance. The tool makes it easy for PACS managers to centrally manage their Barco displays’ uptime and compliance – anytime, anywhere. To summarize, your Nio Gray 5.8MP monitor is a functional, easy-to-use diagnostic display system, fully up to date with today’s innovations in general grayscale radiology, as well as 2D and 3D mammography. It comes with a 5-year warranty on its all components.


  • More detail on your screen, with 5.8MP resolution
  • Designed to show breast images entirely, with 3:4 aspect ratio
  • Increased contrast, with 1400:1 contrast ratio and 600 to 1000 cd/m² calibrated luminance
  • Consistent brightness and grays, with Uniform Luminance Technology and SteadyGray
  • Always stable DICOM images and auto QA, with I-Guard front sensor and optionally, QAWeb Enterprise
  • Possibility to boost luminance, with I-Luminate and SpotView
  • Optional settings and tools to adjust the monitor to your workflow, with Intuitive Workflow Tools

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Technical Data: Screen technology LCD screen size (diagonal) 541 mm... more
Technical Data "Mammography Display Barco Nio Gray 5.8MP"

Technical Data:
Screen technology LCD
screen size (diagonal) 541 mm (21.3”)
Resolution 5.8 MP (2100 x 2800 pixels)
(DICOM calibrated)
1300 cd/m² typical
(600 cd/m² calibrated)
Color imaging No
Gray imaging Yes
Inputs DVI-D Dual Link (2x), DisplayPort (2x), 1x USB 2.0 upstream (endpoint), 2x USB 2.0 downstream
Standards IEC 60601-1, EN 60601-1-2, - - other on datasheet 


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